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Here at Essa Freight services, we provide cross-border logistics management for your company's needs. Logistics and shipping are a major concern for any company that sells products. It can make or break you. When running a business, you may not have access to the personnel, space, and resources needed to fulfill orders quickly and accurately. With our logistics management and shipping services, fulfillment is something you no longer have to worry about. Inventory, products, packaging, tracking, order fulfillment, and reporting must be watched closely and accurately. With our certified team of professionals, you will be able to make better use of your time and resources. If you are based out of the US or Canada and you need top-quality logistics management in the Hamilton, ON area, you won't find a better option than the logistics and warehousing services offered by ESSA Freight Services. Here are some of the cross-border services we offer to fit your specific needs:

Cross-Border Logistics ManagementTruckload Brokerage – ESSA Logistics provides truckload and volume LTL service solutions. Our staff, of experienced certified transportation brokers, (CTB’s) are knowledgeable professions that will assist you in finding qualified carriers to transport your freight.

Trucking – ESSA’s trucking division operates 53’ x 102” air ride dry vans and 48 ft refrigerated vans.

Less-than-truckload – ESSA’s Less-Than-Truckload (or LTL) is perfect for those who need to ship small packages more frequently or if inventory is running low and orders need to be fulfilled before the next re-stocking shipment arrives. Sometimes, businesses don’t require large amounts of inventory which would require a full truckload, thus, making our LTL shipping services a good fit.

Intermodal Rail Services  ESSA Logistics is a multi-mode transportation provider. ESSA can provide your Door-to-Door Intermodal Service. ESSA has direct relationships with Class 1 railroads and other Asset Based Providers that gives us the unique ability to piece multiple modes together and offer our customer many service options. Talk to our customer service representatives to discuss the rates, availability, and options that will meet your needs.

Small package – ESSA can provide its members, national account pricing on international and domestic small package services. We are able to bring you significant savings through our partnership with United Shippers Solutions.

International Ocean – ESSA and United Shippers can negotiate your inbound and outbound ocean container rates. Individual shippers can benefit by using the leverage that comes with moving tens of thousands of containers per year. We have contracts in place with numerous ocean carriers.  Call for your free no-obligation quote. All our programs are strictly voluntary. You are never under any obligation to use ESSA / USA.

Supply Chain Optimization – ESSA provides a risk-free review of current operations including transportation costs, packaging optimizations, internal operations review, and network optimization.

FBA Logistics – ESSA can provide you with FBA logistics services. When you need amazon freight forwarding services, rely on us to house your products and ship them to Amazon for distribution. Keep your online store running with the help of ESSA!

 Why Choose Us for Cross Border Logistics Management?

Our drivers, shipping experts, and warehouse staff are professional, hard-working, and experts in their field. Business owners can fully rely on ESSA to enhance their business and free up time and resources so efforts can be focused on growing their business. With over 70 years of experience, Essa Freight Services has been able to provide clients all over the U.S and Canada with world-class logistics services. Our warehouses are kept in excellent condition as they are always dry, clean, safe, fully modernized, equipped with digital tracking, and staffed with excellent personnel. Our drivers, shipping experts, and warehouse staff are professional hard-workers and experts in their field. With our versatile shipping and logistic services, we are confident that we can help your company excel too! 


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