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Logistics and shipping are a major concern for any company that sells products. And the larger a business gets, the more focus needs to be placed on having great logistics services. Whether your company is located in Canada or in the U.S., if you need top quality logistics management in the Buffalo area, you won't find a better option than the logistics and warehousing services offered by ESSA Freight Services.

Quality Comes with Experience Buffalo Logistics Management

ESSA Freight Services has been providing top quality logistics services in the U.S. and Canada for nearly 70 years. All of that experience is used to provide the highest quality logistics services for our customers. Our professional warehouse space is always clean, dry, safe, and fully modernized with digital tracking for every object that goes through it. Our staff, whether drivers, warehouse staff, or shipping experts, are equally professional, knowledgeable in all that we have learned during our 70 years providing logistics management services in the Buffalo area.

Partnering to Provide Prosperity for Your Business

We don't think of our company as a service provider, but rather as a partner that is working towards the growth and prosperity of our customers. This means that we provide expert consultation and service that is designed to save you time and money. For shipping, this means that we always offer the lowest possible prices and a wide variety of shipping methods, including vans, trucks, rail, and marine shipping. Furthermore, our familiarity with international shipping regulations means that we can make sure your company is compliant with all international laws without requiring any effort from your company.

Our goal is simple. We want your company to prosper. To achieve this goal, we provide safe, clean, modern storage areas, real-time tracking information for you and your customers, and inexpensive shipping options that get your goods to your customers safely and quickly. You simply won't find a better option for logistics management in the Buffalo area.

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