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Logistics and shipping are a major concern for any company that sells products. Everything needs to be accounted for. Products, inventory, packaging, tracking, order fulfillment, and reporting all need to be watched closely and accurately. When running a business, you may not have access to the personnel, space, and resources needed to fulfill orders quickly and accurately. But with our logistics management and shipping services, fulfillment is something you no longer have to worry about. Our logistics management services will allow you to better optimize fulfillment and make better use of time and resources. If you are based out of the US or Canada and you need top-quality logistics management in the Tonawanda, NY area, you won't find a better option than the logistics and warehousing services offered by ESSA Freight Services.


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ESSA Freight Services has proudly been serving clients all over the U.S. and Canada with world-class logistics services for our customers for over 70 years. Our warehouses are kept in excellent condition as they are always dry, clean, safe, fully modernized, equipped with digital tracking, and staffed with excellent personnel. Our drivers, shipping experts, and warehouse staff are professional, hard-working, and experts in their field. Business owners can fully rely on ESSA to enhance their business and free up time and resources so efforts can be focused on growing their business.


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At Essa, when you work with us, you work with your partners. When you enlist us for logistics management, you rely on us with your business. We understand this and work hard to enhance your business by providing you with excellent service in what we do best. With our versatile shipping and logistic services, we are confident that we can help your company prosper.

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