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At ESSA, you truly are a business partner. You are represented in the management of the association; you have access to the financials and share in the profits of the association. Our member companies actually own and manage the affairs of the association and its brokerage and trucking divisions.

ESSA was incorporated in 1946! The association was formed by a small group of traffic managers who saw that they achieve leverage with the railroads by pooling their freight through a cooperative. The same principle applies today! It is easy and absolutely free to join! From these humble beginnings, hundreds of shippers across the United States and Canada have grown ESSA into a full-service logistics group. As one of the oldest shipper’s associations in North America, ESSA has been saving its members money on transportation for 75+ years!

A no cost, no-risk membership is easy to obtain. The simple online membership application is all you need for a lifetime no risk membership. Members can use the association’s services as much or as little as they wish. Non-member companies are also welcome to take advantage of ESSA’s services but do not share in the profits. You will find our friendly and experienced staff eager to assist you with all your transportation needs. When large groups of shippers work together they are able to leverage their collective buying power to negotiate better deals with transportation service providers. This can greatly benefit the individual member.

As a group, ESSA has excellent contracts in place with common carriers, steamship and rail lines, and various logistics consultants that you probably could not obtain on your own. Also, ESSA operates its own trucking company and transportation brokerage. Profits from these operating companies are evaluated quarterly and are reinvested back into the members! Don’t miss out! Look through this site to learn more about all the benefits that members of ESSA enjoy!


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Meet Our Experts at ESSA Logistics


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To provide the members of the savings on quality transportation services while providing educational opportunities for our members and supporting the community through charitable donations.


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To support our member companies (owners) with expertise, professionalism, attention to detail, respect, and enthusiasm.

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