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If your company regularly ships goods in the United States and Canada, supply chain optimization is one of the best ways to increase your revenue. A good supply chain will increase customer satisfaction, decrease transportation costs, decrease logistical costs, and decrease losses from damage and lost goods. For companies located in or near the Buffalo area, there simply isn't a better choice for optimizing your supply chain than ESSA Logistics.


Optimizing Your Supply ChainBuffalo Supply Chain Optimization

ESSA Logistics starts the process of optimizing your supply chain by providing the best in modern warehousing services. ESSA Logistics warehouses are fully modernized with electronic tracking of every single item that enters the warehouse. Additionally, these warehouses are temperature controlled, humidity controlled, and professionally cleaned in a way that does not damage delicate or electronic goods. While your inventory is in an ESSA Logistics warehouse, you can digitally monitor it online and know that it will always leave the warehouse in the same condition it entered it.

ESSA Logistics also optimizes your supply chain by providing a wide range of transportation options. ESSA Logistics maintains an extensive fleet of standard and refrigerated vans for nearby transportation and has contracts with rail and ship companies for longer transportation needs. By maintaining such extensive shipping options, shipping is always performed by the most cost-effective means possible. And just like in the warehouses, all inventory is tracked electronically in a way that your company can monitor online.


Over 70 Years of Expertise

When you allow another company to provide supply chain optimization for your Buffalo business, you want it to be a company you can trust. With 70 years of expertise, ESSA Logistics is that company. ESSA Logistics will use that expertise to provide you with excellent service as well as professional assistance, including navigation of tricky international shipping and customs laws. You simply can't do better for supply chain optimization than trusting a company that has been satisfying customers in the Buffalo area for 70 years.

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