Brampton, ON Warehousing Services 

Brampton warehousing services are readily available from ESSA Freight Services. Our convenient location near the U.S. and Canadian border ensuring your business has easy access to shipping throughout both countries. We offer comprehensive services including logistics management and consulting. With over 120,000 square feet of space in a secure and clean warehouse, there is no better location for your products. We're just an hour and a half from Toronto at the second busiest border crossing in Canada and that means not only a convenience for your needs but also a more cost-effective service.

Brampton, ON commercial Business Warehousing Services

How Our Brampton Warehousing Services Will Meet Your Needs

Your Canadian shipping company can send truckloads of product to our warehouse and, if needed, we can help arrange transportation for you. We can then store and de-consolidate the volume shipments you send into smaller sizes as needed including less than truckload (LTL) or small packaging shipments. This ensures you save time and money using our warehousing services. We work with many Canadian corporations that do not wish to deal with the border. You can pick up your orders at the warehouse on the U.S. side of the border if you like.

A Simplistic Way to Move Materials 

By letting ESSA become your warehouse, you can use a U.S. address for exports and imports. With our warehousing services, you maintain complete visibility of your products, can view stock status, and run a variety of reports using our online software. You'll receive notification of inventory movements and documentation as necessary.

ESSA Freight Services offers comprehensive services you can customize to meet your businesses unique transportation and warehousing needs. Affordability, convenient locations, and exceptionally dry, heated storage make our warehousing options the ideal choice for your company's needs. Contact ESSA today to get started! 

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