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Logistics is all timely delivery and convenience customer schedules. That's why at Essa Logistics, we have made it a life-time mission to offer a state of the art logistics services to help grow your business with efficient logistics services—product warehousing, cross-border transportation, and many more.

Why we are Your Best Reliable Business Partner

As our business partner, you have a representative in top management. You can easily manage the association's trucking, brokerage, and other affairs. You get to access financial information and share in the profits of the association.

Doing business as a group of shippers helps us leverage the collective purchasing power so we can negotiate for better rates with transport service providers. Our friendly staff can help you with a simple no-risk membership so you can meet all your product storage needs.

Enjoy Our Free Consultation

Our close relationship with the Supply chain Optimizers (SCO) means you get special discounts as an ESSA member. If you want to find out more, we have experience in supply chain structures and processes, and we'll find the most cost-effective option for your business.

We have a Strategic Location to Serve You Better

Our strategic location in Cheektowaga, NY, puts us in proximity to the Canadian border for cross-border shipping. More so, we meet the industry standards, providing the best logistic consulting services to clients worldwide. Here some of the benefits you'll enjoy at Essa Logistics.

  • Supply Chain Optimization – Essa offers you a risk-free review of your transport expenses, packaging optimization, network optimization, and more.
  • Intermodal Rail Solutions – our partners help us provide you with Class 1 railroad services, coordinate freight movement from the sea to the road, and rail transport. We also offer you door-to-door intermodal service.
  • Truckload Brokerage – ESSA helps you negotiate the cost of services for qualified carriers, so your cross border business costs are minimal. Our fleet of dry trucks and refrigerated trucks move freight of any kind across long distances.
  • Less-than-truckload – when you are transporting freight that is less than the truck's capacity, sharing the space with other shippers helps to reduce shipping costs significantly.
  • International Ocean-Numerous ocean carriers with flexible schedules help us negotiate for outbound and inbound container rates for international shippers.

Let's help You Meet Your Freight Shipping Needs

Our professionals are certified transportation brokers—we have partnered with the United Shippers Solutions and other freight providers to meet all your shipping needs. Contact us today at 1-800-627-3664 to find out more about Go Essa Freight services.

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