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Does your St. Catharines business store and ship large quantities of inventory? If so, you need modern, top quality warehousing services that can support your company fully. In the St. Catharines area you won't find better than ESSA Logistics.

State of the Art WarehousesSt. Catharines Warehousing Services

All of our warehouses are state of the art at ESSA Logistics. We use modern tracking systems to track every single piece of inventory from the moment it enters our warehouse until the moment it leaves. Additionally, our tracking system is connected to a database that allows you to monitor your inventory, in real time, from any internet connected device. This provides greater accountability and protects your St Catharines business from inventory loss.

Additionally, our warehouses use modern cleaning techniques and environmental controls to protect inventory of every type. We offer a dust free and moisture free environment that is cleaned in a way to avoid static shocks that can damage delicate electronic systems. We also offer cold storage for perishable items that is always maintained at an optimal temperature. All of our systems and all of our staff training is designed to protect your inventory from harm.

Great Locations

With warehouses in both United States and Canada, you won't find a company that offers better locations for warehousing services than ESSA Logistics. Our warehouses are within a one day drive to 50 percent of the US population and 60 percent of the Canada population. Furthermore, we have the ability to ship goods to warehouses across the border. This makes international delivery and pick up a breeze, especially for customers in or near the Great Lakes area.

With warehousing services from ESSA Logistics, you can be assured that you can always track your inventory, that it is always being handled safely, and that it is always easily available for shipping to the United States and Canada.

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