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When your St. Catharines business ships freight, you need it to be inexpensive and to arrive on-time at its destination. High shipping costs and late delivery hurt your business and may cost your customers. If you are looking for the absolute highest quality freight shipping services available in the St. Catharines area, you simply can do better than the services offered by ESSA Logistics.

Efficient Freight ShippingSt. Catharines Freight Shipping

ESSA Logistics offers exceptionally efficient freight shipping services, especially if your business engages in international deliveries. The main way that ESSA Logistics can provide efficient service to your St. Catharines business is through flexible shipping options. When you get shipping from ESSA Logistics, your freight can be shipped by rail, van, or sea. Refrigerated shipping is available for all three options which ensures that no matter what you are shipping, the fastest option is always available.

To further improve the efficiency of freight shipping, ESSA Logistics using cross docking services throughout the the United States and Canada. This helps speed up the transfer of good, especially at international borders and reduces, or even eliminates, the fees for warehousing services during transportation.

Bulk Savings

ESSA Logistics is further able to save your business money on shipping costs through bulk shipping. Even if your business doesn't ship in bulk, because we serve so many businesses, we are able to combine shipments to reduce costs for everyone.

Tracking Services

The best thing about freight shipping services from ESSA Logistics is that you can track your freight at all times. All cargo is tracked electronically and you can monitor it via a personal, password protected webpage that is updated regularly. This helps ensure that your freight is never lost and lets you know exactly when it reaches its destination. It also allows you to share this information with customers so that they know when to expect their purchases.

Between low costs, fast shipping, and up-to-the-minute tracking, ESSA Logistics offers the best freight shipping services for your St. Catharines business.

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