St. Catharines, ON Cross-Docking

Time is critical when it comes to delivering merchandise for your St. Catharines business. Every single delay can potentially cost you thousands of dollars, both in current sales and in potential future sales. You need to partner with a shipping company that can ensure that your shipping is always handled promptly and with minimal delays, especially when engaging in international shipping. For companies located in the St. Catherines area, there simply isn't a more reliable source of top quality shipping and cross-docking services than ESSA Freight Services.

How We Save You Time with Cross-DockingSt. Catharines Cross Docking

Time is money. The old phrase couldn't be more accurate when it comes to shipping goods for your business. At ESSA Freight Services, we save your time in a number of ways. First, we utilize cross-docking whenever possible. Cross-docking minimizes wait times when goods are being transferred from one method of shipping to another. Because we have a large number of contracts with shipping companies throughout Canada and the United States, we can almost always ensure that cross-docking will be performed quickly and without complications.

Additionally, we save time in our shipping services because we have a complete understanding of international shipping regulations. This knowledge and experience allow us to ensure that your freight is in compliance with all regulations before it leaves our warehouse. It also means that we know exactly what documentation is necessary and can cut through the red tape easily. International customs can cause massive delays unless you have a company like ESSA Freight Services working to prevent those delays.

Safe Shipping for Your Cargo

Another major benefit of our cross-docking services is that they better protect your cargo. Every extra minute that cargo is stored at a dock or in a distant storage facility increases the risk of damage. With state-of-the-art warehousing services in the St. Catharines area and cross-docking services, we protect your cargo from the moment we receive it until the moment it reaches its destination. If you want to protect your investment and save time and money, contact ESSA Freight Services for all your shipping needs.

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