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If your company is engaged in international shipping, then cross-docking is an excellent way to save time and costs during your shipping endeavors. But cross docking only works when your shipping is being handled by a company that uses a computerized logistics and tracking system. For businesses that work in or around the Niagara Falls area, ESSA Freight Services is that company that can provide modern logistics and shipping processes that will save your company time and money during all of your customer transactions.

Take Advantage of a Modern Shipping NetworkNiagara Falls Cross Docking

ESSA Freight Services is able to offer fast and efficient shipping techniques like cross-docking because we have a well developed and fully modernized shipping network. At ESSA we own a large fleet of both refrigerated and dry trucks. Additionally, we have contracts and partnerships throughout the transportation industry that allow our company to provide fast land and sea shipping to any location within the United States or Canada. All cargo that is shipped through our network is tracked electronically at all times and our clients can access that tracking information online 24 hours a day. This modern approach allows us to always offer the fastest shipping at the most competitive prices possible.

Protecting Your Investment

At ESSA Freight Services we understand that the cargo your company ships is critically important to your revenue stream. This is why we have built our system to protect your goods from any kind of damage or loss. Our warehouses are temperature controlled and designed to prevent moisture or dirt from damaging your goods. We put equal care into making sure all of the transportation we utilize will not damage your goods. And, of course, since we offer constant, real-time tracking for every good in our possession, you can be assured that your goods will never disappear during transit.

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