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In the retail industry, your reputation is critical. If you gain a reputation for high shipping costs, slow shipping times, or shipping damaged goods, your business will suffer. To avoid these problems, you want to engage the services of a logistics consulting service that will ensure fast, low cost, safe shipping and storage for all your merchandise. For businesses in the Guelph, ON area there simply is no logistics management and services company that you can trust more than ESSA Freight Services.


Guelph Logistics Management

Ensuring Quality Low-Cost Delivery

At ESSA we ensure fast, efficient and reliable delivery by employing a diverse fleet of transportation options. We maintain a large fleet of both standard and refrigerated vans and have contracts with numerous sea and rail shipping companies. This allows us to always provide the most efficient shipping option for your company in Guelph, ON in terms of both cost and speed of delivery.


Ensuring Merchandise Safety

Guelph Logistics Consulting

The hallmark of our logistics management services is providing exceptional care for your merchandise. Our logistics service has state-of-the-art warehouses in both Ontario and the US that are temperature controlled, dust free, and utilize modern cleaning techniques. Furthermore, we track every single item that enters our warehouse and provides up-to-the-minute tracking for clients both while it is in the warehouse and during the delivery process.


Ensuring Easy International Delivery

Guelph Shipping & ReceivingAs part of the logistics consulting services that we offer at ESSA Freight Services, we provide assistance with international deliveries. In addition to using cross-docking techniques to speed up international deliveries, we also are fully versed in all international shipping regulations. With our logistics consulting assisting you, your merchandise will always have all the proper documentation and follow all international guidelines, protecting you from delays or fines.


Your Reputation is Our Reputation

At ESSA Freight Services we understand that your reputation is our reputation. That is why we provide top-quality logistics management services and guarantee our results. Once you engage ESSA Freight Services to provide logistics services for your company, you can be certain that your merchandise will be given the best care possible and that your costs will decrease while the quality of your shipping will improve.

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