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Does your Burlington business have thousands, or even millions, of pieces of inventory? Do regularly ship inventory across the border to the United States? Do you worry about tracking all of that inventory, the price of shipping, or ensuring that your inventory reaches its destination in a timely manner?

If any of that sounds familiar, you should enlist the services ESSA Logistics for all your warehousing needs. ESSA Logistics offers the highest quality, state-of-the-art shipping and warehousing services available in the Burlington area, with a focus on cross-border warehousing.

What to Expect with Warehousing From ESSA Burlington Warehousing Services

The warehouses at ESSA Logistics are all modern masterpieces. All inventory in our warehouses is electronically tracked from the moment it enters the building until it reaches its final destination, whether that be a distributor, customer, client, or even another warehouse. Our employees are all trained to provide expert care for all inventory, thus preventing any damage or lost inventory. Finally, all of our warehouses are designed to be environmentally safe for inventory. This means that they are temperature controlled, with both refrigerated and standard storage. It also means that all cleaning procedures are designed to protect inventory, especially delicate electronic equipment.

Cross-border Warehousing Services

As part of our modern approach to warehousing services at ESSA Logistics, we maintain warehousing in both Burlington and across the border in the United States. These United States warehouses allow us to provide efficient cross-border warehousing services. Inventory can be easily shipped across the border with minimal difficulty. Additionally, as part of this service, we offer consultation services and paperwork assistance to ensure that all of your international shipping stays compliant with all laws for both the United States and Canada. The main benefit of this cross-border warehousing is that your inventory passes through customs faster and more efficiently, saving you money and time.

If you want to improve the warehousing, tracking, and shipping of the inventory of your Burlington company, you can't do better than enlisting the services of ESSA Logistics.

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