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When looking to partner with a Burlington freight shipping service, businesses look for a freight shipping company that has an excellent reputation for on-time and damage free shipping. ESSA Logistics is proud to be the Burlington company maintaining a reputation for worry-free freight shipping services. A modern fleet of reliable vans services between warehouses in both Canada and the U.S. Experienced, well-trained drivers paired with years of shipping regulation navigation, ESSA Logistics offers the complete freight shipping service package to Burlington businesses. We are a step ahead of our competition by offering the following:

  • Electronic Tracking For All Shipments. Digitally tracking freight during every stage of the shipping process means that shipping progress may be relayed to clients throughout the shipping transaction. Electronic tracking offers real-time updates for both domestic and international shipments.
  • High-Quality International Shipping Services. ESSA Logistics ships freight in the most professional manner possible and always within or exceeding industry standards. Our dry and well-maintained storage warehouses store freight until it is picked up in custom vans that are climate controlled.
  • Delivery Confirmation. The best way to ensure high-quality logistics and is to follow the process to the very end. Delivery confirmation is secured and reported to our online system in order to provide assurance that the freight has been successfully delivered.

Logistics are essential to the smooth running of your Burlington freight shipping. Regular shipping to locations throughout North America means that your business requires a reliable partner for shipping needs.

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