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Logistics Management and International Shipping in Burlington, ONLogistics may not be a profit center for your Burlington, ON business, but if they aren't properly managed they can cause losses. This is especially true if you engage in international shipping to the United States. Good logistics will save you time and money while improving your reputation with customers. Bad logistics services will do the exact opposite. For the best in cross border logistics services, you won't find better than ESSA Logistics.

International Experience

ESSA Logistics delivers thousands of pieces of freight across international lines every day. Our team members are extremely familiar with all international regulations and will share this familiarity with you to ensure that your international shipping complies with those regulations. This is only a small part of our logistics management services, but it helps your business avoid costly delays when delivering internationally.

Warehouse Logistics

Shipping your freight is only one part of our comprehensive logistics management services. We also fully manage your inventory while it is within our warehouses. This means that it is fully catalogued and tracked at all times. Our digital tracking allows you to see the exact location of every item any time of day or night.

While within ESSA Logistics warehouses, your inventory couldn't be safer. We maintain a dust free, temperature controlled environment for all inventory. Maintaining the quality of your inventory is as important to us as it is to you.

Our Shipping Fleet

At ESSA Logistics we take pride in the size of our shipping fleet. We personally own a huge fleet of vans that can reach half the United States or Canada in a single day. A portion of these vans are refrigerated as well. Additionally, we contract with a variety of rail and ocean shipping companies to ensure that we can always provide the lowest possible price for the fastest possible delivery times.

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