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Freight Shipping Services in Buffalo, NYNeed to get the shipped goods of your Buffalo, NY business to locations throughout the United States and Canada quickly and for a competitive price? ESSA Logistics provides reliable, competitively priced shipping services that are ideal for small businesses. With ESSA Logistics your freight distribution will be consistent, simple, affordable, and professional. There is no better company to trust your freight shipping to.

LTL Shipping

The main thing that makes ESSA Logistics so friendly to small and medium businesses is that it offers LTL shipping. This means that even when your business is shipping less than a truckload (LTL), your freight distribution costs won't skyrocket.

ESSA Logistics can offer this excellent service because it has such a large fleet of vehicles and such a large client base. Even if your freight can't fill a van, once it is combined with the freight from other businesses, ESSA Logistics is running full vehicles the vast majority of the time.

State-of-the-Art Tracking

ESSA Logistics uses advanced technology to provide cutting edge tracking for clients. Every single item is digitally tracked from the second it reaches an ESSA Logistics warehouse until the moment it is delivered. Tracking software allows you to monitor the location of your freight at all times throughout the freight distribution process. Your business will be given a personal web page that only you and your employees can access. From that web page, you can see the precise status of every piece of freight in the possession of ESSA Logistics.

International Reliability

ESSA Logistics has been providing freight shipping throughout the United States and Canada for years. With experience comes familiarity with all shipping regulations. This means that your shipments will easily pass customs inspections and that all the paperwork will be filled out properly by ESSA Logistics. This saves your business time and money on international deliveries.

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