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ESSA Transport

Cross Docking Trucking CompanyESSA Transport is ESSA's trucking division with 48 state contract authority. ESSA Transport specializes in in truckload freight, volume LTL, expedited and refrigerated loads. If you are ready to move your freight across country or just across town, give ESSA a call to discuss availability and rates.  

Let ESSA help minimize your outbound transportation costs. We can help select suitable local carriers, determined by your requirements. This approach avoids investment in physical transportation assets and allow you to choose the cross docking carriers that will maximize service and value.

Transportation Services

  • In-house contract carrier
  • Same day shipping
  • Cross dock
  • Advance ship notices
  • Lift gate services
  • UPS, FedEx, USPS

Rail Services

Moving freight by rail can be significantly more cost effective than by truck. This is especially true for heavy, bulky items that need to travel long distances. This is especially true as fuel prices continue to rise. ESSA location, adjacent to the Norfolk Southern and CSX rail yards enable ESSA to offer very competitive intermodal rates and service. 

Contact ESSA Logistics for Your Cross Docking Transport Needs

We are here to help you succeed with your shipping and distribution needs. Contact ESSA Logistics today for more information.

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