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One of the biggest costs for a business is shipping. This is especially true if you're shipping inventory on a continual basis and it's probably true that your business uses freight shipping. No matter what though, you're looking for ways to reduce the costs associated with shipping. If that's the case, then ESSA Freight Services can help. We offer LTL shipping. Most businesses have daily shipments but do not have enough to fill an entire truck. LTL shipping allows a business to fill a compartment within a truck and pay for only the space it uses. Most businesses use this type of shipping, but it can be expensive through other freight companies. Here at ESSA Freight Services, you can rest assured you'll receive the lowest price possible for all your freight shipping and distribution needs.

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When you need freight distribution and freight shipping services, then you should consider what ESSA Freight Services has to offer. Our experience and superior service are the two main reasons why our customers depend on us for their shipping needs. We have been providing our customers with domestic and international shipping for many years. Allowing us to assist you with your shipping and freight distribution means you don't have to worry about compliance laws. We'll ensure your shipments are in compliance with Canadian and United States laws. This takes the confusion and hassle out of your shipments. We know how to get your shipments through customs quickly which saves you time and money.

We also use modern tracking techniques so you know where your goods are at all times. Your goods are kept in a clean and safe environment which is also climate-controlled. You'll be provided with a personal web page where you can log in and see where your goods are at any point in the shipping process. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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